Spinshot Tennis Machines

Spinshot tennis ball machines are your professional tennis training partner. Train when you want without the need for training partner or tennis coach.

Designed to give you full control of ball speed, spin, height, direction and feed rate, Spinshot tennis ball machines are one of the best ball machines available. 

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Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

The Advantages of a Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine

  • Strong exterior metal casing
  • Full customisable drills
  • Full remote functionality via Drill Maker app
  • Powerful motors with speeds up to 80mph
  • Large ball hopper holds 120 balls
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Battery, mains power or hybrid power options

For more information on the advantages of training with a tennis ball machine, read our latest blog post on the Benefits of training with the ball machine


Strong Exterior Casing - Built to Last

Spinshot ball machines alloy exterior casing is both strong and lightweight. Spinshot machines can withstand years of use and are designed for both professionals, clubs and social players.


Fully Customisable Drills

Spinshot Plus-2 and Spinshot Player ball machines have 12 fully customisable drills that can be adapted to suit any player of any level using the Drill Maker app.

Each drill can play either the same shot over and over, deliver random balls at different heights and positions, or you can create a completely bespoke drill with a combination of different shots.

Spinshot Drill Maker app

Remote Control Options

Drill Maker not only lets you customise drills, it also functions as your machines remote control. You can start and stop the ball feed, switch between drills (Plus-2 and Player machines), or turn oscillating on and off (Pro & Lite machines).

For the upmost convenience we also offer a Remote Watch. The Spinshot Remote Watch is a simple to use remote that starts and stops the ball feed, switches between drills and turns the horizontal oscillation on and off.

Learn more about the Spinshot Remote Watch


Powerful Motors Produce High Speed and Spin

Spinshot ball machine have powerful drive motors that can deliver balls with high spin whilst still maintaining high speeds. Many ball machine struggle reaching high speeds when spin is added to the ball, but that is not the case with Spinshot.


Large Ball Hopper Capacity

The large ball hopper on the Spinshot ball machine fits 120 balls. When storing or transporting the ball machine the hopper flaps can be closed to minimise the size of the machine.


Compact and Easy to Transport

Spinshot ball machines are a lot smaller than many ball machine. They easily fit in the trunk of a small car and can be laid on their side or back.

The telescopic handle can be extended to wheel the machine onto court, and the wheels make it easy to manoeuvre the machine around.

The Plus-2, Player, Plus and Pro machines all weigh just 40lb, and the Lite weighs only 22lb.

Spinshot is easy to move around the court

Battery or Mains Power Options

You can customise your tennis ball machine to suit your power requirements with the four options outlined below.  We sell all the power options separately so you can configure your machine to suit you.

Power Options

  1. Internal Battery - Standard configuration. Battery sits inside the machine. 2-3 hours of use before needing recharge.

  2. External Battery Module - Battery sits outside the machine in pouch provided. Good configuration if using multiple batteries for extended playing time.

  3. Mains Power Module - Good configuration if you have access to power on your court.

  4. Mains & Battery Hybrid Module - Best configuration for using both mains power if available or the option to switch to battery if needed.  

Why is Spinshot better than other tennis ball machines?

Read why Spinshot has the best machine on the market and what give us the edge over our competition.

Can I use mains power?

Yes you can upgrade your machine to use mains power, or easily switch between mains power and battery power using the Hybrid mains power and battery module. To read more about these optional upgrade please go to > Learn more about the power and battery options

Do I need to take the battery out to charge the battery?

No, you don't need to removed the battery to charge it. Just plug the battery charger into the charging port on the control panel of the machine.

Where is the cheapest place to buy a Spinshot ball machine?

This website will always have the best prices for Spinshot ball machines. We also sell on Amazon and eBay but this website has the best prices.

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