Benefits of training with a ball machine

Benefits of training with a ball machine

Sarah Pont
  • Practice whenever you want without the need for a training partner
  • Improve fitness & footwork 
  • Full control of ball speed, direction, spin, height and feed rate
  • Focus on form and technique with repetitive and consistent ball feed

Train to your schedule

Scheduling a practice session with a hitting partner can be difficult, but with a ball machine you can practice when it suits you. You are free to train whenever you want, and practice the shots you want.

Improve your fitness

Your fitness will increase with longer playing sessions. A large ball hopper capacity means a round with a tennis ball machine is going to last you a lot longer than the average rally. 

Full control of ball delivery

Hitting over 100 balls is going to be a good work out for even the best players, but couple this with the ability to add horizontal and vertical oscillation, then increase the feed rate to a match play level and you’ll be feeling the burn!

The best ball machines allow the player to select the delivery speed, spin and height of every shot. They should also have adjustable feed rates to speed up or slow the time between balls to suit the players skill and fitness level.

Focus on form and technique

A tennis ball machine will allow you to focus on your form and technique as you practice the same shot again and again. A hopper full of over 100 balls lets you repeat the same shot over allowing you to tweak your form and technique until you have perfected it.

A tennis ball machine can repeat the same shot consistently giving you the opportunity to focus on your form and technique. Or for a match play scenario it can deliver shots randomly across the width of the court or at random heights.