The History of Spinshot Sports

The Spinshot tennis ball machine started out it’s life in 1999 when Chris Stanbury, an avid tennis player from Cornwall England, decided to build his own ball machine after trialing many other machines only to find that he couldn’t program the drills that he wanted to play. 

Building the perfect tennis training partner

Chris was the chairman at his local tennis club in Cornwall and worked in computer science. He shared his ideas and aspirations with Jason Jackson, Principle Digital Design Engineer at Motorola, and they agreed they could design and build a tennis ball machine to create the perfect tennis trainer partner. They wanted to build a machine that could create professional tennis drills.

Building the first Spinshot Player

The first Spinshot Player machine was built in 1999 and could be programmed with different speed, spin, direction and height for each ball. This was a truly flexible machine that could make any training drill they needed.

Building the Prototype

The next step was to hire a local manufacture to build the prototypes. These prototypes were shared with their tennis friends and the feedback was excellent. This encouraged the pair to move forward and build a commercial machine that they could bring to the tennis community.

The Drill Maker App

Being able to control the machine from the other end of the court was a high priority. Remotes were old technology, couldn’t offer programming of drills and were complicated to use, so they asked Rick Cheung, Chief Design Engineer in Siemens Network Department, to make an app that could control the ball machine from a mobile phone. 

The Drill Maker app made is easy for the user to program drills, start and stop the machine, all while playing at the other end of the court.

Launching the original Player machine to market

In 2003 the team launched the Spinshot Player to the market and it quickly became a top seller in the ball machine industry. Users of the Spinshot Player liked the fully flexible nature of the machine and could make professional drills with ease.

Becoming the number one best selling tennis ball machine

The Spinshot Player is now the best tennis ball machine available on the market. It is ranked number one ball machine on tennis ball machine reviews. Just search on Google, YouTube or Amazon and you will see Spinshot ranked number one tennis ball machine.

The Spinshot Player is the best tennis ball machine for professional tennis players, tennis coaches, recreational tennis players and families due to its fully programmable drills.

Why is the Spinshot Player ranked the best tennis ball machine

The Spinshot Player can be programmed to suit the most advanced tennis players to the absolute beginner. The Spinshot Player is the best tennis ball machine for programming drills to suit each tennis players level of skill and ability.

Spinshot Player versus Spinshot Plus-2

In 2019 The Spinshot Plus-2 was launched. The Spinshot Plus-2 has all the functionality of the Player, plus a more advanced control panel allowing users more drill making options along with a LCD screen for displaying drill settings.

The future of Spinshot

Spinshot continues to develop and improve its ball machines and always appreciates feedback and suggestions from customers. We are committed to providing affordable tennis ball machines to tennis professional, and recreational tennis players and offer a wide range of ball machines to suit all levels of skill.