Spinshot Collaborator Marketing Agreement

The following agreement is to be signed by the collaborator before entering into the contract with Spinshot Sports.

Please download the PDF and sign it before emailing your signed agreement to support@spinshot-sports.com


Spinshot Collaborator Marketing Agreement
June 2022


Introduction of parties

This collaborator agreement is entered into the date of the signature by and between the collaborator (named and signed at the end of this document) and Spinshot Sports.


Purpose of collaboration

Spinshot Sports wants to collaborate with skilled tennis players in a collaboration campaign called Spinshot Stars. The campaign will be mainly set for: 

  • increasing brand awareness
  • showing how to best use the ball machine
  • showing the functions and drills of the ball machine
  • reviewing the ball machine


Description of collaboration

Spinshot Sports will provide a ball machine for you to use as part of this campaign. The collaborator will use the ball machine to create videos to promote the brand and demonstrate the machines capabilities. 

At the end of the campaign if the collaborator has completed the requirements outlined below the machine can be retained by the collaborator, or can be returned to Spinshot Sports for an agreed fee of USD $1,000.

The collaboration will take part with the duration outlined below and the collaborator agrees to the following tasks:



Create two videos showing the collaborator interacting with the machine to demonstrate:

    1. Why you enjoy having a ball machine to train with, quick review of your favourite features and discuss the optional accessories such as remote watch, service platform 
      1. Preferred drills showing interaction with the Drill Maker app

    Upload the videos to YouTube, Instagram Reels and Facebook, and promote via Stories.

    Include at the end of each post or in the description of each YouTube video include:
    Shop online at https://spinshotsports.com (using the unique code supplied)

    #spinshot #spinshotsports #lovespinshot
    #tennisballmachine #besttennisballmachine

    If the first content produced does not meet the expectations of the brand, Spinshot will provide feedback and advice on how to meet the criteria.


    Ownership of Material

    The videos and other digital material created and supplied by the collaborator to Spinshot Sports as part of the Spinshot Stars program become the property of the company. Spinshot Sports may use the material for advertising and marketing purposes.


    Contract Duration

    The contract will have a duration of one month from the time the contract is signed, which the collaborator will create videos for Spinshot Sports. 



    On completion of the campaign, the collaborator will receive one of the following methods of compensation:

    • a monetary compensation of USD$1,000, or
    • retain the ball machine for their own use


    Commission opportunity

    For every machine sold as part of this campaign and for up to a year after, a commission rate of USD$100 per machine will be paid to the collaborator for sales obtained directly from their collaboration work.


    Confidentiality information

    The collaborator will keep the most absolute confidentiality regarding the performance of the contracted services, the result thereof, as well as any information related to Spinshot Sports. 


    Reasons for termination of contract

    Valid causes of termination of the contract will be all those that are expressly included in the regulations applicable to it, highlighting the following:

    • Failure by the collaborator to provide exclusive professional services for Spinshot Sports there has been a written consent. 
    • Withdrawal of the collaborator by prior notice by Spinshot Sports
    • The collaborator has shared personal information regarding Spinshot Sports

    Please download the PDF version of this agreement sign and date this agreement and retain a copy for yourself. Email your signed agreement to support@spinshot-sports.com