Control Panel Circuit Board Replacement - Plus-2 and Player

The following instructions are for the replacement of the circuit board for the Plus-2 and Player control panel.

We will send you a new circuit board (see photo below) to replace the faulty one on your control panel. Please follow these step by step instructions to fit the new circuit board.

circuit board

1. Release the four screws securing the control panel to the machine.

2. Release the four screws (marked with white arrows in the photo below) securing the circuit board to the control panel.

3. The antenna and wire connecting the antenna to the circuit board (outlined in white in the photo below) are not required on the new circuit board.

Cut the wire at the junction marked with the red line. Discard the antenna and wire.

4. Secure the new circuit board onto the face of control panel with the four screws

5. Unplug each of the connectors from the existing circuit board one by one, plugging them into the new circuit board as you remove them.  

6. Secure the control panel back onto the machine with the four screws.