Make custom drills with DrillMaker for Spinshot

Make your own custom drills with DrillMaker

Sarah Pont
DrillMaker is a simple to use app that makes it easy to make and play custom drills with your Spinshot ball machine. It's also a Remote Control so you can control your machine from the other end of the court using the app.

DrillMaker is free to download from the App Store or Google Play

There are four main functions of the DrillMaker app
  1. Play a drill (there are 12 to choose from)
  2. Create your own custom drill
  3. Use your machine in Manual Mode
  4. Start and stop the ball feed

With DrillMaker you can make your own custom drills, or use the preset drills and adjust them to suit your skill level.

DrillMaker app

What is a Drill?

A drill is a series of 6 balls played on repeat until the ball hopper is empty.

A drill can be any combination of shots, with variable ball speed, spin, height, position and feed rate.

These are just some examples of what drills the DrillMaker app can make:
  • Warm Up - easy balls alternating to forehand and backhand
  • Random Drill - random balls at different heights and locations
  • Custom Drill - a bespoke series of balls to practice a specific combination of shots with different speed, spin, location and height for each ball
  • 2-Line Drill - high speed alternating shots to the forehand and backhand
  • 2-Line approach - alternating shots to the forehand and backhand delivered to the baseline, mid court and net (volley)
  • 3-Line Drill slice - shots delivered with backspin to the forehand, centre and backhand
  • Overhead Smash Drill - high balls (moon balls / lobs) for practising overhead smashes
  • Volley Drill - fast balls delivered to the net to practice volleys

Customizing Drills using the DrillMaker app

Each of the 12 drills on the DrillMaker app can be fully customized.

All 6 balls in the drill series can be customized. You can adjust the height, speed, location, feed rate and spin for each ball in the series.

You can make each ball different, or all the same - it's totally up to how you want to play. 

DrillMaker custom drill